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We have a reputation for reliably delivering high medical grade cannabis products to our customers. Becoming a member is easy and free. We offer full discretion and fast delivery to your door. All you have to do is verify you are over the age of 19.

History of the Farm

It all started with a background in health, wellness, art and design. The founders of The Farm have decades of expertise in the wellness and fitness industry, the arts and fashion design. Being propelled forward by their excitement for the medicinal and industrial cannabis movement, they created a care center that represents the highest standards of the industry; they designed a place with the patients in mind.  Safe, warm and welcoming- The Farm is a place where everyone can feel comfortable with their new-found freedom, the freedom to openly and proudly shop at a main street location to legally purchase high-grade medicinal marijuana.  Finally.

Locally Owned

The Farm cultivates 100% of its own medicine in Boulder, CO with expert cultivators on staff. Our team uses organic sustainable growing techniques to bring out the best qualities of the plant. Our aim is to provide consistent high-grade cannabis our members can rely on. We focus on bringing out the highest medicinal qualities of each strain that we offer. We constantly work to increase our knowledge of new cultivation techniques and innovations, and we work with our members to ensure this knowledge finds its way into higher quality medicine. Because we oversee all of our own production, we can offer more affordable prices to our patients on select top-shelf medical cannabis.

The Future Farm

As an ambassador for ending cannabis prohibition, we encourage all of our patients to get involved and be a force behind the movement. We will continue to blaze the path, acting as a positive role model in the quest to end the negative perception of medicinal cannabis.  Setting an example by abiding by the rules and regulations, being 100% compliant, The Farm will continue to create the standard for service excellence in Boulder.  Our goal is to continue raising the bar and offering our patients only the highest quality medicine for the best price and the most positive experience.

The Farm Mission:

  • To provide a safe, welcoming environment in which to obtain medicinal cannabis legally.
  • To offer genuine, compassionate care to our patients.
  • To create a standard of service excellence in the industry.
  • To provide and promote cannabis education.
  • To encourage involvement in the movement to end cannabis prohibition.
  • To set an example of 100% compliancy, upholding all local regulations and state laws.
  • To create an extraordinary environment of professionalism, honesty, and friendliness that will be felt by all of our patients.